Citrus Fruits CBD E Liquid – 1000mg CBD | 30ml Vape Oil


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Citrus Fruits CBD E Liquid – 1000mg CBD | 30ml Vape Oil

Enjoy the many benefits of CBD Vape Oil with the perfect blend of popular citrus fruits. Infused with the taste of freshly squeezed lemon, lime, and a subtle hint of orange, the light, zesty taste of citrus fruits will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.


With 1000mg of pure CBD, our Purple Label is a highly concentrated CBD E-Liquid that offers almost immediate results. Developed for users who do not vape often, or for those who require higher dosages of CBD, our signature Purple Label is a premium product for those seeking a strong CBD E Liquid. Our Purple Label provides a strong medicinal alternative to medical marijuana.


Bottle size:
  • 30ml
PG/VG ratio:
  • Max VG
  • 1000mg Pure CBD
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Natural Flavors

Additional information

Weight5 oz
Dimensions1 × 1 × 4 in

6 reviews for Citrus Fruits CBD E Liquid – 1000mg CBD | 30ml Vape Oil

  1. Molly

    OK, so after doing a lot of research about CBD i ordered this last week to see if it would help at all for my arthritis. First of all I can say that this stuff really works and after a few puffs my pain was almost instantly gone. I was honestly shocked at how well it worked. It does have a nice lemon flavor to it as well

  2. Chris

    One of my friends had me try this product, I have major issues from dislocating my back with sports. Usually the pain is so bad when I lay down that I takes me about an hour to fall asleep and also takes awhile in the mornings and several pain killers to be able to walk properly. Since I was very skeptical about the claims I had heard from my friends I tried this while I was laying down and in a lot of pain. Literally after a few minutes the pain was gone. I now use this every night and in the mornings to deal with my back pain. It truly is a life changer, thanks guys

  3. jason

    seriously good stuff, not the "fake" CBD products around, will be buying from here from now on!

  4. bob

    I had never tried CBD before trying delta liquids solution, and and I was very surprised. I didn’t notice an extreme improvement in my pain, but a gradual overall improvement in my general outlook. Would defiantly recommend.

  5. Jake

    the real deal, works for my pain almost instantly

  6. Tim

    Cannot complain! Excellent product. Worked quick.

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