About Pure CBD™

We established our new Pure CBD™ line of products to assure our customers that they are getting a pure, high-quality product. Our Pure CBD™ is calculated by the amount of the active ingredient cannabidiol (CBD), so each milligram of Pure CBD™ is 100% CBD.

This standard allows our customers to be better informed about the amount of CBD they are consuming in every drop or puff, and accurately regulate daily dosages.

This standard works in conjunction with our unique and accurate label system to ensure that our customers can find products at exactly the strength they need and be sure that they’re getting the amount of CBD advertised on the label.

We worked with medical professionals to establish our recommended daily consumption values and serving sizes based on the specific strength of our CBD products. You will notice that every bottle of our premium CBD E-Liquid Vape Oil comes with complete and transparent information about the product as well as dosage recommendations.

All of our Pure CBD products are designed to offer noticeable results for those seeking an alternative to medical marijuana.

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