1000mg CBD E-Liquid – 30ml Vape Oil – Assorted Flavors


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Delta Botanicals E-Liquids come in a variety of delicious flavors, as well as a flavorless additive.

Not sure which flavor to start with? While they are  all great, people who take this product sublingually (drops under the tongue) rave about our Peppermint. People who consume this product with a vaping device love our Mango and Vanilla Cream. For those looking for something to add to their existing vape liquid or for a flavorless product, our unflavored additive is an excellent choice.


Enjoy the many benefits of CBD with our all-natural CBD E-Liquid Vape Oil. All-Natural hemp with a vegetable glycerin base, our CBD E-Liquid is available in five delicious flavors. Our flavorless Additive E-Liquid can be taken on its own or added to your favorite vape juice.

With 1000mg of pure CBD, our Purple Label is a highly concentrated CBD E-Liquid that offers almost immediate results. Developed for users who do not vape often, or for those who require higher dosages of CBD, our signature Purple Label is a premium product for those seeking a strong CBD eLiquid. Our Purple Label provides a strong medicinal alternative to medical marijuana.


Bottle size:
  • 30ml
PG/VG ratio:
  • Max VG
  • 1000mg Pure CBD
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Natural Flavors (flavored varieties only)

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 5 in
Flavor Choice

Additive (Flavorless), Citrus Fruits, Mango, Peppermint, Pineapple, Vanilla Cream

24 reviews for 1000mg CBD E-Liquid – 30ml Vape Oil – Assorted Flavors

  1. Tim

    Cannot complain! Excellent product. Worked quick.

  2. N.E. Vape Store

    Delta is the only brand i trust to sell in my Vape store. We have tried dozens but nothing comes close to Delta, we continually hear how Delta did what others claimed. This 1000 mg is our best seller for serious relief. When customers ask for something that will work because CBD hasn’t worked in the past for them, this is what i hand them.

  3. Camille W

    The flavor profile of the vanilla cream is far superior to any other I’ve tried. I have rheumatoid arthritis and have never been able to find anything that helps the incessant burning pain associated with it until this product.

    When I say it works quickly I mean almost instant. Three puffs on my vape and within ten minutes the burning was GONE. I expected it to maybe take the edge off, but it was GONE.

    The other benefits I’ve noticed is that when taken sublingually, it has instant and long lasting effects. Side benefit to this is it can ease my severe anxiety for up to 6 hours with a 1mL dropper.

    I recommend with zero reservations!
    I’m a lifetime customer.

  4. Robert

    Best bang for the buck you don’t have to use as much with the 1000mg the 1250 lasts even longer I use this daily with great results I went from taking pain killers 5 times a day to none I only use cbd

  5. Jennifer

    Ok so I’m new to vaping cbd…but I did a ton of research. This worth every penny. I have chronic pain in my knees and feet from injury. Im alse the mom of an autistic boy so stress and anxiety are an issue. I just received it today and I won’t be going back. The level of calm I feel is unreal…it was almose immediate. This will last me, too, for at least a month. Unlike the first strength and brand I tried. I am pleased with the flavor as well. I’m vaping with a Kooper Plus on 15w. I will be ordering again…and again…and again. Oh, I did have a delay in my shipping, due to the vanilla cream being bottled at the time of my order. I called the number on the contact page, and just like that I had a credit to my account and a new flavor shipped immediately…Im a sucker for great customer service! !

  6. Professor CBD

    Top notch CBD. Full spectrum is the best way to consume. Organic is a plus. Would like to try the 1250mg

  7. aja cooke

    i bought the 300mg today. I tried another brand yesterday from a friend that was more like a liquid that he drops under his tongue. This is a lot thicker than his was…is it recommended to vape this instead of under the tongue. I vape all day -just ejuice not this–i have never vaped this before but i def would if i knew it didnt taste bad and how it works in comparison to under the tongue. also it says the serving size is 2.5ml which seems like a lot all at once. should i split this up throughout the day or take it all at once? Thanks a lot in advance 🙂

  8. Lloyd K

    Vanilla Cream flavor is spot on. Sweet & creamy flavor. So glad I found Delta Liquids. This is a premium product, and it delivers. Vaping in an Elief Pico @ 38w. Anxiety is truly a thing of the past, and I’m waiting to see how the arthritis flare ups fare against the CBD’s. So far, so good (no flare ups). I purchased at this strength to mix 50/50 with other vaping products. 1ml/day seems to work very well. GREAT PRODUCT thank you DELTA!

  9. Marty

    This is the real deal as far as CBD products goes. True to the hype it is a very strong and potent CBD Vape, took away my pain almost immediately that i have been taking several other medications for over a year. great product

  10. Sarah

    so far i have been very happy with this. it is on the expensive side however it is also one of the only cbd vape products i have found that actually works. the bottle does last longer than i thought since it is strong and i never take more than a couple of puffs at a time compared to the lower strengths where you tend to take more puffs to notice the the CBD.

  11. Jake

    the real deal, works for my pain almost instantly

  12. Tim

    I have been using this for several weeks to help with my an old injury that I normally take several pain killers for. This product is really amazing, no pain, no side effects, really works

  13. Reita

    i have rheumatoid arthritis and have been using similar CBD products for awhile now, i decided to try this product due to the strength and claims made by the company. i have just tried this product today and the results are remarkable. after only a few puffs i noticed almost an immediate difference, the strength clams are real and you dont need much, only a few puffs and after several minutes i noticed a huge difference. the only downside is the high price tag, however it says on the bottle that you only need 24 puffs a day which will last a very long time, and honestly this is the strongest CBD e-liquid product i have ever tried. overall its a great product and will be buying more

  14. Anthony

    I have been using this for a few days now and the results are remarkable, i recommend this brand to anyone looking for a high concentrate CBD e liquid, i would defiantly say that this is suited towards people with real conditions as it is very strong.

  15. Molly

    OK, so after doing a lot of research about CBD i ordered this last week to see if it would help at all for my arthritis. First of all I can say that this stuff really works and after a few puffs my pain was almost instantly gone. I was honestly shocked at how well it worked. It does have a nice lemon flavor to it as well

  16. jason

    seriously good stuff, not the "fake" CBD products around, will be buying from here from now on!

  17. Jackson

    Used another CBD vape product before trying this. the difference is night and day. this CBD is STRONG and works immediately. if you are looking for the real deal when it comes to CBD then this is the way to go.

  18. Chad R

    Very nice flavor profile. Even at the 1000mg CBD is its very smooth, I vape it around 20 watts on the Kangertec Sub Box mini sold here at Delta.

    This is my first bottle/flavor and also first time using CBD. I’ve used it for about 6-7 days now and have noticed that I sleep better, My neck and shoulders hurt less and so far I’ve have no migraines. I was diagnosed with Migralepsy and will get frequent very painful migraines that evolve into a seizure if left alone. After just a few vapes a day on the CBD I can already tell a difference in the way I feel.

  19. Chris

    One of my friends had me try this product, I have major issues from dislocating my back with sports. Usually the pain is so bad when I lay down that I takes me about an hour to fall asleep and also takes awhile in the mornings and several pain killers to be able to walk properly. Since I was very skeptical about the claims I had heard from my friends I tried this while I was laying down and in a lot of pain. Literally after a few minutes the pain was gone. I now use this every night and in the mornings to deal with my back pain. It truly is a life changer, thanks guys

  20. bob

    I had never tried CBD before trying delta liquids solution, and and I was very surprised. I didn’t notice an extreme improvement in my pain, but a gradual overall improvement in my general outlook. Would defiantly recommend.

  21. Mike

    strong cbd vape, it takes away my joint pain almost instantly and lasts awhile

  22. Jen

    I had been using a 25mg CBD e liquid from my local shop, a friend of my put my on to this company, he had the 300mg, after a few puffs of this stuff i immediately noticed a HUGE Difference. this is the real thing and am so happy to have found this company

  23. Tyler

    i ordered this after trying the green label of 300mg CBD. this is definitely A LOT stronger and you can feel it working almost immediately. however the only downside is that i would say the lower strengths have more flavor, the higher the CBD strength the more you notice an organic taste. however its still good and i actually like the flavor.

  24. Wendy

    I purchased this flavor for my anxiety. What can i say… the product works and after just a few puffs my anxiety faded away. you can definitely notice the high cbd content and the flavor is also good. I used this in an evod e-cig and it vapes very smooth.

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