How to Save on the Strongest Tinctures Ever Made

Until the end of January, enjoy up to 40% off our newest products, our Platinum, Black and White Label Oral Tinctures which are the strongest tinctures ever made!

With this discount, these products are the cheapest and most effective way to take your daily dose of CBD ever invented. Keep reading to learn more about these products and learn how to save.

High strength tinctures are more effective

No matter what severity of condition you are trying to address, high-concentration CBD tinctures reduce the volume of liquid required for each dose. This means that with each application, there is a higher probability of CBD molecules making contact with oromucosal surfaces in your mouth (where absorption into your bloodstream takes place).

CBD that doesn’t absorb into your bloodstream through your mouth (even after holding it in your mouth for 60 seconds or longer), gets swallowed into the gastrointestinal system where it gets digested like any other food. The absorption of CBD through the GI system is far less efficient than through the mouth.

High strength tinctures are more convenient

Holding a dropperful of liquid under your tongue for even 60 seconds can be an inconvenience, particularly if you are at work or on the go. And if you want to increase your dosage, you have to do it over and over. Now, increasing your dosage is as simple as adding a couple of extra drops on your tongue.

Delta Botanicals Platinum Label – 3,000mg of CBD – 30% off with coupon code “STRONG”

Our Platinum Label Oral Tincture is the first step up from our best-selling Purple Label Tincture.

With 100mg of CBD per dropperful (1ml) or 5mg of CBD per drop, the Platinum Label is a great way to get a higher dose of CBD. Developed for users who require the highest possible dosage of CBD, our signature Platinum Label is a premium product that provides one of the world’s strongest medicinal alternative to medical marijuana.

Compare it to a similar product from a competitor:

Not only is Delta’s Platinum Label almost half the price, it’s a significantly smaller bottle (ours is 30ml compared to their 60ml), which means our tincture is nearly double the concentration! That means you get more CBD per drop of tincture.


Delta Botanicals Black Label – 6,000mg of CBD – 35% off with coupon code “STRONGER”

The next step up is our Black Label tincture, a 6,000mg product that offers 200mg of CBD per 1ml dropperful or 10mg of CBD per drop.

For people measuring out their CBD doses in 10mg increments, this means simply counting drops of our tincture rather than swallowing whole dropperfuls.

Compare it to a similar product from a competitor:

In addition to being more affordable, our Black Label Oral Tincture offers an incredible value in just a 30ml bottle, while Charlotte’s Web only offers a 6,000mg CBD bottle in a 100ml bottle.


Delta Botanicals White Label – 11,700mg of CBD – 40% off with coupon code “STRONGEST”

Delta Botanical’s White Label is the strongest tincture ever made, offering 390mg of CBD per dropperful (1ml) or 19.5mg of CBD per drop.

For people with high severity conditions, this is the strongest and also the most effective tincture on the market. It is also most affordable.

Compare it to a similar product from a competitor:

Not only is 2 cents per mg the best deal we’ve EVER offered, it’s less than half the cost of what you’d pay for Bluebird’s tincture (which comes in not one but FOUR bottles).


Don’t delay—this sale only lasts until January 31st, after which it will disappear forever!

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