Choosing the right strength of CBD is the best way to ensure that you receiving the maximum benefit from Delta Botanicals products.

That’s why we created our color-coded label system. But how do you determine which strength is the best for your needs?

The answer comes down identifying the severity of the symptoms you’re experiencing, and then choosing the right product for you.

Delta Botanicals CBD Symptom Severity Chart:

Delta Botanicals CBD Strength Charrt

So, What Strength of CBD is Right for Me?

If you’re experiencing low severity issues, then the answer is clear—our Blue Label Pure CBD 150mg products are your best option. Our Blue Label is an effective and budget-friendly product for people who desire a small daily consumption of CBD.

For medium severity problems, you have two choices: our Green Label 300mg Pure CBD products and our Gold Label 600mg products.

Our Green Label 300mg products are our most popular. This is where we recommend people start if they have no prior experience with CBD. This is best  for those with low-to-medium severity issues. At twice the strength of our Blue Label, our Green Label products are a great choice to seamlessly double your dosage.

If you have medium-to-high severity issues, then our Gold Label 600mg products are the best for you. Gold Label products provide a higher dosage of CBD and produce noticeable results.

For people experiencing high severity issues, our Purple Label Pure CBD products offer almost immediate results. Developed for people who do not vape often, or for those who require higher dosages of CBD, our signature Purple Label is a premium product that provides a strong medicinal alternative to medical marijuana.

We hope this helps you pick the right CBD product strength for your needs! If you have any questions you can always follow-up with us by using our on-site chat during business hours or via email:

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