We Use the Most Powerful Hemp Oil in the World

Delta hemp products use the most refined and most powerful hemp oil available in the world today.

All Delta products use what is called full-spectrum, 0% THC or “broad-spectrum” hemp oil.

This means that after extracting our full-spectrum hemp extract, we come back in and laser-target any residual THC for removal.

Most other full-spectrum hemp oil manufacturers skip this step because THC remediation is expensive and not particularly easy, yet they charge premium prices saying that the residual THC in their products has no effect. That is not true. Even 0.3% THC produces a non-negligible psychoactive effect in most humans and animals.

Instead, all Delta products contain a careful balance of all of the non-psychoactive cannabinoids and terpenes that provide relief for a variety of conditions without the concerns of getting “high.”

Delta hemp oil is also more powerful than “isolate.” Isolate is made cheaply from crude hemp oil through a simple acid-base reaction where CBD crystallizes our of solution. Delta’s broad spectrum oil is many times more powerful than cheaper CBD isolate due to the “Entourage Effect.” Other minor cannabinoids (e.g., CBG) and terpenes (e.g., limonene) facilitate an exponentially stronger CBD response in the body.

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